Plant-Based Brevard is a community resource for people who are looking for Vegan and plant-based restaurant options in Brevard County, Florida. We also profile local plant-based foodies, provide recipes, and give info on local food artisans and plant-based events. Our goal is to provide the inside scoop in regard to all plant-based options in our area. 


Plant-Based Brevard started as a little recipe group on Facebook  -  Just a handful of friends sharing recipes, posting restaurant meals, asking relevant questions, learning from each other, etc., but unlike many of the other veg groups, there was no talk of nutrition, no discussions about GMOs or Organic vs Conventional, and, believe it or not, no animal rights videos.  Just food and that's it.  This format really worked well for the founding members and it became the perfect landing pad for people who were not vegan or fully plant-based, but wanted to maybe add a Meatless Monday to their meal plan or  just learn more about how to reduce their meat and dairy consumption. The group quickly became a favorite for our members -- One person added someone who added someone who added someone and you know how it goes...The group just grew from there. Now we are thriving with over 600 members, almost ALL from Brevard County, and we are still growing with requests to join coming in daily. A couple of years ago, we started having organized get-togethers/potlucks and getting to know each other in person. Now it has grown into such an incredible community and we are all in love with it! Eventually it became evident that we needed to create a shareable database for anyone in the area who needed or wanted all the info that we share in our group, so here we are!  We are all very excited to offer these resources to the residents of our county and all who visit. 


Keenun began her plant-based journey in mid-2010 after a request from her then 12-year-old daughter to try a vegetarian diet. It didn’t take long for her and both of her daughters, Taneth (now 20)  and Kayson (15), to transition to fully vegan after making the connection between animal rights and a compassionate lifestyle.  She and her family jumped right in and got on board with local animal activists, learning as much as possible about animal agriculture and how it affects the world. She became very passionate in regard to animal welfare, especially for those in captivity, and now sees leading others to plant-filled plates as her own personal form of activism. Her goal is simply to help others put more plants on their plate and to encourage those habits without the use of any judgement or criticism. 

In addition to founding Plant-Based Brevard,  she is an active homeschooling parent, participates as a board member of Warriors 4 Kids, Inc., a local non-profit organization, and assists, behind-the-scenes, with a handful of local plant-centered events. She will be launching a cruelty-free line of bath & body products later this year, along with her business partner, Casie Farrell. 

Keenun resides in Indian Harbour Beach with her husband, the youngest of their two daughters, and their four rescued kitties, Prince Pumpkin, River Phoenix, Tiny Burrito, and Eden Teller.


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